Top 10 Best Scholarships for Nigerian Students 

A list of the best scholarship for Nigerian students has been put together. Eligible to those who have just finished secondary education and are looking for a reputable institution to complete their Bachelor’s degree program. These grants allow you to study at any university in Nigeria or overseas.

Best Scholarship for Nigerian Students

The undergraduate scholarship program aims to help new college entrants and those who continue to submit applications for admission complete their Bachelor’s degrees in Nigeria or abroad.

What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is a grant or sum of funds provided to students to assist with college expenses. Unknown to many Nigerian students, there are a variety of legitimate scholarship possibilities open to students of all levels studying in Nigeria, among which give you a chance to attend college internationally.

Top oil and gas businesses, multinational corporations, governments, and private foundations for charity offer and support the majority of these scholarships. Everyone who wishes to submit applications for these financial aid opportunities for learners from Nigeria has the greatest of success.

As an individual who took many of these chances while in school, the main reason for composing this post is that I’ve taken the time to specifically develop an overview of the best 20 scholarships open to Nigerian students in 2022 and information on each scholarship.

Top 10 Best Scholarships for Nigerian Students 

Discover the most current grant offers from Nigeria for domestic and global study. Students from Nigeria who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement in several disciplines of study are eligible for scholarships from internationally renowned colleges and universities.

You can find current data about study-abroad scholarships in Nigeria here. Examine the scholarship list now offered for foreign and Nigerian students.

It is a list of the top 10 best scholarships available in Nigeria.

1. Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Scholarship

A Nigerian LNG firm is one of the top companies that provide scholarships to students. On an annual basis, this scholarship is awarded to qualified and deserving students at several Nigerian universities. This scholarship is undoubtedly the highest in terms of financial aid in Nigeria!

Level: Level 100

Valued at N300,000 per year till graduation.

2. Agbami Scholarship

The Agbami scholarship is the second scholarship to mention in this context. Chevron and its Agbami partners are the financial backers of the available scholarship. Remember that the award is only for engineering and medical students attending various colleges.

100 and 200L levels.

Worth: N200,000 and N100,000, accordingly, for engineering and medical students.

3. PTDF Scholarship Programme (Nigeria and Oversea)

The PTDF Scholarship Program is a different scholarship that is recommended for Nigerians. The PTDF program includes both foreign and domestic universities in Nigeria. This Scholarship Scheme is an opportunity the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources of Nigeria offers to correctly eligible Nigerian undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral candidates.

Kindly be aware that every qualifying applicant will receive a new laptop worth $150,000 in addition to their grant.

4. Federal Government Scholarship

The Federal Government’s scholarship program, administered by the Ministry of Education, is another excellent option available to students in Nigeria. The Nigerian government provides Postgraduate, Undergraduate, HND, and NCE students of Nigerian descent with Nigerian Scholarship Awards Tenable in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.

Worth: N100,000.

NCE students and N150,000 for learners attending colleges.

5. MTN Scholarship

The 2022 MTN Scholarship Program comes in at number five on this list. The telecom behemoth MTN often offers scholarships to Nigerian undergraduates enrolled in scientific and technological programs in different parts of the country as part of its corporate social responsibility to Nigerians.

The total worth of THE MTN Scholarship for 2022 is N200,000 for each winner. Every year up until graduation, students who receive awards receive 200,000. Begins at Level 200L.

6. NNPC/Chevron Scholarship

Becoming aware of the Chevron/NNPC scholarship program would be best. Each year, Chevron and the Nigerian National Petroleum Company give hundreds of national scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students.

The scholarship is only available in Nigeria and is suitable for four years. It is awarded only based on the student’s strong academic record.

Amount: worth $100,000 each year until graduation. 200L level.

7. NNPC/Total E&P Scholarship

Further collaboration between the Nigeria National Petroleum Company and Total E&P provides scholarships to Nigerian students. In cooperation with the NNPC, the oil and gas corporation Total delivers a variety of merit-based scholarships to Nigerian students studying at several colleges.

Please be aware that solely Nigerian citizens may qualify for this financial aid, and it is Worth – Until graduation 150,000 each year.

Level: Levels 100 and 200.

8. JIM Ovia Foundation Scholarship

For those that don’t know, Zenith Bank Plc’s owner and founder is Jim Ovia. A generous founder of Zenith Bank plc, Jim Ovia gave away numerous scholarships to Nigerian undergraduates nationwide through his foundation.

Chief Jim Ovia has invested well over (150,000,000 Naira) 150,000,000 in this strategy for over a decade. He is an incredibly proud Nigerian who bestows prizes and lacks ethnic feelings.

Worth: Until graduation, $150,000 each year. Various levels.

9. ADDAX Scholarship

NNPC has partnered with other businesses for the third time to award scholarships to Nigerian students. Every year, the Nnpc awards several merit-based scholarships to qualified and worthy Nigerian undergraduate students via its partnership with Addax Petroleum.

Amount: worth $100,000 every year until graduation. 100L is level.

10. Shell Scholarship

The Shell scholarship scheme is in eleventh place on this list. Unexpectedly working with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC), the Shell Petroleum Development Company offers national scholarships to Nigerian college students annually. The only term of service and conditions for the award of a scholarship is:

Candidates, in general, have to be Nigerian citizens who live in Nigeria.

Valued at N100,000 per year until graduation. Amount: 100L


Whenever you wish to apply for a scholarship or any grant, you must take note of their schemes and choose the ones you are qualified to handle. Be conscious of the fact before accepting you for the scholarship grant, roughly 99% of those award companies examine every applicant. Please read this blog carefully for information on assistance in Nigeria for 2023.


Is there any scholarship available in Nigeria?

Scholarship for SEPLAT, Scholarship from Guinness, Agbami Scholarship in Medicine and Engineering. You can use this complete list of the newest scholarships in Nigeria to fund your education. Choose the appropriate programs to apply for.

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