How to Increase Battery Life on iPhone 

iPhones are remarkable devices that could lose their luster once the batteries run out or dry. That is why it is very important to look after the cells that are inside to ensure that you charge them properly. In this blog, steps on How to Increase Battery Life on iPhone will be discussed here, so read carefully.

How to Increase Battery Life on iPhone 
How to Increase Battery Life on iPhone

How to Increase Battery Life on iPhone 

It is very tough to exist without using a smartphone these days. So much of our lives are contained inside these tiny devices that we do not want them to run out of juice at an appropriate time.

Tips to Increase Battery Life on iPhone

Follow these steps then you will know how you can increase your iPhone battery life, in just some few steps:

Activate Low Power Mode

The strongest weapon against battery drainage is the Low Power Mode, very obvious. With it active, your iPhone can only perform the most essential of tasks. The low power mode is a quick method to easily extend your iPhone battery life whenever needed. The feature works by suspending mail fetch, and even background running applications, auto downloads, and more with just a single button.

This is not an everyday feature type, hopefully, it is handy nonetheless and the steps to turn on your low power mode (Battery saver) under Settings > Battery. It is useful to have the quick access low power mode in the control center to easily turn it on. Open Settings > Control Center > then Customize Controls, you can now click on the + icon next to the Low Power mode if it is not already in the control center.

Auto-Lock and Screen Brightness

If you come across “Home & Lock Screen” on battery usage is very higher than you would have expected, it is then good to check the settings. The 30 seconds Auto Lock can help you preserve the best battery life. Mostly with more iPhones supporting raise to wake, 30 seconds can be worth it.

To turn on the Auto Lock and the Adaptive screen brightness go to Settings > Display and then the > Auto Lock.

The adaptive brightness could help control your screen brightness to avoid too much screen brightness when not needed and whenever it is in need. It helps to automatically lower your screen brightness and keep your battery healthy, but this will likely come down to personal preferences.

And that can be done in the Control Center or you just navigate to Settings > Display and then Brightness > Tooglle on the Adaptive Brightness.

Hot and Cold Temperature

Apple always says that the ideal better temperatures for an iPhone or any other Apple device should be 62 to 72 degrees F (16 to 22 degrees C) have the potential to permanently damage the battery capacity. Outside that, try to keep your iPhone from extreme heat, it is very good to remove your iPhone case if you ever notice it is getting hot while it’s charging.

Temperatures that are below 32 degrees F could be reducing the battery life. If you live in a climate with more cold temperatures, keeping your iPhone closer to your body in a pocket can help extend the battery life by keeping it warm.

Background App Refresh

The Low Power mode automatically turns background app refresh across the board, but you can be able to customize which applications could use this feature for a more convenient experience as well as improved battery life.  Navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Turning off the Background App Refresh can help prevent apps that are not actively used from updating.

You can be able to opt to only use background app refresh on the Wi-Fi in the addition to Wi-Fi and cellular or even turn on the feature. Most users can find leaving both the Wi-Fi and Cellular on while they are customizing which applications are used for the background app refresh to be the best fit.

Location Services

Dailing in a location services setting is another way to extend battery life. It can still reduce cellular data use too. Just navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to update privileges for your applications. Watch out for any application that could ask to Always use location and then switch to While Using, and then Ask Next Time or Never.

These are the possible steps that you can follow to Extend your Apple iPhone Battery Health.


Why is My iPhone Battery Health Draining So Fast?

Many things could cause your iPhone Battery health to drain quickly. If you have your screen brightness turned on, for example, or if you are out of range of Wi-Fi or cellular, your battery might drain quicker than normal. It may even die faster if your battery health has deteriorated over time.

How Can I Get My iPhone Battery Health to 100%? 

There is only one thing that can be done to keep your iPhone battery healthy at 100%. Stop using your iPhone. Yup, the only way that you are going to keep your iPhone battery at 100% is to stop using it while you are charging it.

How do I keep my Battery 100% Healthy? 

These are ways to keep your iPhone batter health at 100%:

  • Do not wait until the battery is empty before charging it.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Don’t always charge your battery to 100%
  • Only use the ultra-fast charging when necessary
  • Use your phone sparingly while it is charging
  • Use power-saving modes to increase the time between charges.

At What Percentage Should I Charge My iPhone?

Apple recommends that, as do many others, you should try to keep an iPhone Battery percentage between 30% and 80% percent charged. Making it 100% percent is not optimal, though it won’t necessarily damage your battery, letting it often run down to 0% could permanently lead to a battery death.



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