GOTV Application, Packages and Login

GOTV provides the greatest local channels made in Africa for Africa. Their reliable services can be trusted. Experience the digital revolution in everyone African home. This blog post gives more details and enlightens an individual on GOTV and GOTV Application.

GOTV - Application, Packages and Login
GOTV – Application, Packages and Login


This the home of African Television, they are committed and devoted to offering family entertainment to Africa home. The GOTV is a pay television terrestrial service in Africa owned, managed, and broadcasted by MultiChoice. The TV is a home of affordable and quality family entertainment.

The TV is home to top-quality entertainment for families and it has many amazing and exciting channels, GOTV packages are carefully arranged to meet the different needs of every family. GOTV entertains empowers and informs the African communities that inspire and build in return. It is a digital terrestrial television service and platform that is best known for the affordable entertainment that it brings to its users across countries throughout Africa.

GOTV Packages

This is a list of the GOTV packages.

⦁          GOTV Smallie

⦁          GOTV Jinja Package

⦁          GOTV Jolli Package

⦁          GOTV Max Package

⦁          GOTV Super Package

The packages that GOTV provides are listed above.

Online GOTV Subscription

Subscribing to GOTV is an important and necessary thing to do, once it’s done you will gain access to stream favorite TV shows, movies, football, documentaries, and many more. GOTV subscriptions can be made online, but the problem is that many people are struggling and finding it hard to get ways to make payments for their subscriptions online. If you find yourself in that category then all you need to do is to follow the guidelines below.

How to Subscribe to GOTV Online

Follow the steps below to make your subscriptions

⦁          To start the subscription process you have to enter this link on your web browser

⦁          Enter your account details such as email or mobile number, and IUC/Decoder number, and select the subscription plan your wish to subscribe to option.

⦁          Click on the “Continue” button.

⦁          Follow any other onscreen process.

After you might have followed the guides below, I’m sure that you are done with the subscription process.

GOTV Application

The GOTV application comes with important and amazing features that make it easy for users to surf through the streaming service platform. The app can help users monitor their favorite TV shows, share content on social media, set reminders, and many other benefits and features that they would like on their preferred mobile devices. The application helps give easy and convenient ways to manage your GOTV account.

You can fix errors and make payments online with the app. And with the app users can change packages, and update their details. Having the GOTV application can help users to check their account balance or even view the amount they owe. Last but not least users can stream their favorite TV shows and movies on the GOTV application.

GOTV Activation

For users and visitors to start streaming content that GOTV has to offer, they must first activate their GOTV. After activating it you can then access various GOTV benefits and features that would make you not want to leave GOTV. Have ideas on activating GOTV but don’t know how? then follow the steps listed below.

How to Activate your GOTV

These are the easy ways that you can follow for you to activate your GOTV account.

⦁          The first thing to do is to enter this link on your web browser to access the activation platform

⦁          Fill out your details such as the city you are in, surname, IUC/Smartcard Number, Mobile Telephone, and agent ID.

⦁          Select the “I agree to the GOTV Subscriber Term and Condition” and click on the “Activate Now” option.

With these steps above you have successfully activated your GOTV.

GOTV Login

If you have created an account with GOTV online, there are various reasons why you should keep it logged into your device. Login to your GOTV account to access a world of entertainment. The GOTV Login process is only available for existing users and customers.

NOTE: You do not need to create or register an account before you can sign into a GOTV account.

How to Login Into GOTV

These are steps that could help you to access your GOTV account online.

⦁          Go to the GOTV login platform on your web browser through this link

⦁          Choose the country that you are located in, and enter your surname and your IUC/Smartcard Number.

⦁          Click on the “Remember Me” option for easy login, whenever you want to login into that same device.

⦁          Then Select the “Sign In” button.

You have successfully logged into your GOTV account once you might have followed the steps listed above.

GOTV Customer Service

Users can easily contact GOTV customer service once they have issues with their GOTV account. Or even if they are finding it hard to activate, view balance, sign in, create an account, or even some other issues that they can’t handle on their own. If you want to access the GOTV Customer Service, kindly contact them through this link


Owner of GOTV?

GOTV Africa is a pay television terrestrial service in sub-harran Africa that is owned by the broadcasting MultiChoice and was founded in 2011. It mainly consists of African and international programming.

How Long Does It Take for GOTV to Activate After Payment?

The activation should occur automatically after you might have made your payment, but there are times some forms of manual resent may be when required if the automatic one does not take place.

How do I Get Rid of the E16 Error on GOTV?

Go Smart, Dial *423# to clear the E16, and E17 errors on your TV. Pauline Mwaninge and 64 others like this.

What is the Full Meaning of GOTV?

GOTV stands for “Get Out The Vote” and signifies a concerted effort to register voters and then increase voter turnout during elections.



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