How to Connect Fubo TV on Different Devices

Popular US streaming service Fubo TV offers extensive content, including TV series, sports, and movies. Users can use it in a few nations: the US, Canada, and Spain. It is because places geographical limitations on the shows it offers to maintain the license agreement’s terms. To learn more about Fubo TV Connect, read this page carefully.

Fubo TV Connect

Fubo TV Connect

In addition to the NFL, NBA, and MLB, FuboTV provides NHL, NASCAR, MLS, golf, tennis, boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), college sports, and more. Additionally, they offer full coverage for occasions like the Super Bowl, the World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Olympics, alongside each important golf and tennis tournament and Triple Crown race.

You might have two options for signing in email and password or activation code, according to your chosen device for streaming FuboTV. Using a password and an email address for signing in is possible on any supported device.

When the FuboTV app launches, you must choose any option and use the device’s built-in/on-screen keyboard to enter your password and the email address you used when registering for Fubo.

How to Connect Fubo TV

To connect to your Fubo TV, you must follow some guides to help you and the steps outlined here for a successful connection.

  • The first step is to Launch the FuboTV application on your device.
  • Select the SIGN IN option, and the SIGN IN WITH A CODE screen will then display (the code will display on the screen).
  • On any device (computer, mobile phone, or tablet), visit
  • Sign In to your FuboTV account to continue.

NOTE: The code is only valid for 5 minutes.

  • Now you have to enter the code displayed on your TV and click on the SUBMIT option.
  • When done, a confirmation screen will then display in the web browser, and your FuboTV application will open the HOME Screen on your streaming device.

Just as easy as that. The steps above are the only valuable guides you can follow for a successful application.

FuboTV Supported Devices

Are your available devices compatible with FuboTV? Check out the devices that support FuboTV below.

Amazon Fire TV

TV devices and Fire TV Editions TVs with the Fire TV built-in with an Android OS 5.0 (lollipop) or even higher. And a version of – v4.62.0.

Android Mobile

Only Google-approved mobile phones and tablets with an Android OS 5.0 (lollipop) or even higher are supported. And a version of – v4.62.0.

Android/Google TV

All Google-approved Android TV devices and the TVs with Android TV built-in, like Sony, Sharp, and TCL. Those devices must have an Android OS 5.0 (lollipop) or an even higher version of – v4.62.0.

Apple TV

Apple TVs are the 4th generation or newer, with a tvOS v13.0 or even higher. With a FuboTV version of v5.3.0


The available browsers to stream FuboTV are only on Mac and PC, the latest version of Chrome, Safari, EDGE, and Firefox.


Supported Chromecast is only 2nd generation or newer, Chromecast Ultra. TVs with Google Cast built-in: Vizio SmartCast 3.0 TVs (AirPlay not supported), Cast using only Android Mobile and iPhone/iPad/iPod.


The iPhone must be an iPhone 6s or newer, iPad (with iPadOS 13.1 or even higher), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or newer, iPad 5th generation, or more recent. And also iPad Mini 4 or newer, iPod Touch generation 7 or more unique, and then an iOS v13.0 or higher. And with a FuboTV version of v6.5.3.


The ROKU has full support to stream content from FuboTV on a Model 3700X and higher ones, but it has limited support on a ROKU Model 3600X and lower. You can successfully stream on devices with a FuboTV version of v4.8.502r.

Samsung Smart TV

And all Samsung devices that must stream FuboTV must be 2017 and newer models. The FuboTV version must be v1.0.0


What Payment Methods does FuboTV accept?

FuboTV accepts the following credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

How Does a FuboTV Subscription Work?

Devices That Support Streaming:

A Fubo subscription offers access to over 80 well-known broadcast and cable channels for a monthly starting price of $75. Neither a cable box nor a contract is necessary. You may stream content live or on-demand from your computer, phone, tablet, or television.

How many Devices can connect to FuboTV?

At the very least, Family Share is included in any current FuboTV English (US & Canada) bundle package, allowing you to view content from three devices simultaneously. You can simultaneously stream to two devices with the Standard Share feature of the FuboTV Latino subscription.

What Does Fubo stand for?

The online subscription catered to TV shows from Asia with English subtitles for US viewers. There is where FuboTV’s DNA is derived. When Gandler discovered that “Fubo” stands for football, he gave more information about the business and its goals.

How Long is Fubo Free Trial?

A free 30-day trial of FuboTV Pro is immediately added when you add an item to your cart. Following your purchase, you will receive an email with a redemption link and activation instructions.

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