Commercial Travel Painter Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Are you a commercial travel painter seeking jobs with visa sponsorship in the USA? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. This post offers a comprehensive guide that covers all you need to get commercial travel painter jobs with visa sponsorship, including an overview of the salary and benefits of this job.

Commercial Travel Painter Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Commercial Travel Painter Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Fortunately, many companies online today are ready and willing to sponsor you if you are a qualified commercial travel painter.

Nevertheless, as a commercial travel painter, you will be in charge of painting the building’s significant sections and handling a range of surfaces and materials.

Although this journey may be challenging, working as a commercial travel painter in the USA also has an additional gateway that permits you to live and work lawfully.

Getting a job in the United States is quite interesting, especially with free visa sponsorship. Find out what you need to qualify for this position.

What Does Commercial Travel Painter Do Exactly?

A commercial travel painter is an individual who goes to the places where their clients need painting services.

These individuals genuinely work for contractors and are in charge of supplying the paint needed daily to become a master in their field. They also need to be imaginative in what they do.

Perks of Working as a Commercial Painter in the USA

The following are some of the benefits of becoming a commercial painter in the United States:

  • Visa sponsorship.
  • Creating more appealing aesthetics.
  • Boost the number of clients coming in.
  • Advantages of insurance.
  • Renewable contract.

Regarding a commercial travel painting, these are a few advantages that will be enjoyed.

Skills and Requirements for Commercial Travel Painter Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Most employers truly check for specific requirements before accepting an application. Therefore, you might not be hired if this requirement isn’t met.

Professional painting experience, regardless of whether you are a home, business, or industrial painter, includes:

  • Outstanding Knowledge about safety and health precautions.
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics.
  • Competence with both painting and decorating methods.
  • Expertise in written communication and comprehension of safety documentation.
  • Driver’s license.
  • The capacity to resolve real-world issues.
  • An excellent comprehension of color.
  • Familiarity with wall coverings and paints
  • Ability to serve customers.

Educational Requirements:

  • High School diploma.


  • At least two years of experience is required.

If you have more years of experience, your chances of getting employed will be high. A diploma in woodworking or any other trade certification is very beneficial.

Average Salary of a Commercial Painter Jobs In the USA

$41,012 per year

The average pay for a commercial painter in the USA is $19.72 per hour or $41,012 per year. The starting salary for entry-level positions is $35,100 annually, while the average salary for experienced workers is $52,650.

Highest Paying Cities for Commercial Painter Jobs in the USA

Some cities have been identified where the average salary for a Commercial Painter position is higher than the national average. Berkeley, California, is at the top of the list, followed closely by Merced, California, and Daly City, California, in second and third place.

Best Paying Cities for Commercial Painter Jobs in the USAPay Per Hour ($)Annual Salary ($)
Berkeley, CA  $27.21$56,596
Merced, CA  $26.76$55,666
Daly City, CA  $26.31$54,721
San Mateo, CA  $26.14$54,366
Tacoma, WA  $25.53$53,102
Richmond, CA  $25.28$52,587

Given that the average salary in these five cities is higher than the national average, there seems to be a great deal of financial potential to be gained by moving to work as a commercial painter.

Commercial Travel Painter Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship Online

Technology has made it possible and very easy to obtain employment in the United States, even if you don’t live there. You can apply online on job portals like:


You can apply for a commercial travel painter job through these websites. However, you should ensure you meet the requirements by reading the job description and confirming that you meet the requirements to work as a travel commercial painter before applying.

How to Apply for Commercial Travel Painter Jobs in the USA With Visa Sponsorship

To begin the application process, you need to take the following steps:

  • Go to the website you want to use to submit your application first. This might be LinkedIn,, or another website.
  • Now, you must type the job title into the search bar to find the position.
  • Next, click the “apply now” button as well.
  • upload your resume and cover letter by US standards after that.

You may have to wait for the company to respond after you submit your application.

Commercial Travel Painter Visas for Foreigners

After getting the job, the next step is to obtain your job offer letter, which serves as proof of employment when applying for a visa at an embassy. The problem is that, while the process is simple, you must obtain the proper visa for your trip.

However, it should no longer be a problem because we will assist you. You’ll need visas like the O-1B and P-1B for jobs like this. This visa is essential because it is only available to people with exceptional abilities, and being a commercial traveling painter is one of them.

Furthermore, it is given to individuals recognized nationally and internationally for conspicuous achievement.

Interview Questions for a Commercial Travel Painters

Here are some examples of interview questions for the application:

  • What is the purpose of a paint extender?
  • What safety equipment is required for painters?
  • How long have you been a professional painter?
  • Do you have a favorite brand of paint?
  • Are you at ease with heights?
  • Why are you the best candidate for the job?
  • How has your previous experience prepared you for this position?


Which type of question is asked in a visa interview?

The questions are generally based on your travel purpose. As a result, it is best to be thorough with visa interview questions and answers, which can be centered on your reasons for traveling to another country. Assume, however, that you want to be well-prepared for the interview.

How do you answer visa sponsorship questions?

You can say: “Yes, I require employer sponsorship to work in the United States.” I’m interested in the visa but am open to other possibilities (such as an H-1B visa, O-1 visa, or EB-2 green card).” “I am authorized to work under my current visa until state the month and year your visa expires.”

What is visa sponsorship for foreigners in the USA?

The process by which an individual or organization in the United States agrees to support or sponsor a foreign national’s visa or green card application and provide the necessary documentation to the United States government is referred to as visa sponsorship.

How long does it take to get a sponsored work visa in the USA?

This process could take anywhere from six months to several years. I was obtaining approval from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the foreign worker’s I-140 petition.

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